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300 Click for offerPakistan’s ambassador to the United States raised the possibility Monday that his country might redeploy troops from the Afghanistan border to the Kashmir frontier, a shift that could complicate American peace talks with the Taliban.

“When you’re in divided government like we are now,” he said, “you’ve got to set aside your more contentious issues.”



BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYI find these first large-scale abstractions, christened the “Night Journeys” by the poet Richard Howard, pretty theatrical. More rewards seem to lie in the colorful panoramas of the 1960s — such as the 13-foot-wide “Combat,” completed in 1965 and lent from the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, which channels her love of Matisse’s bright hues into a parade of pink bubbles and squiggles.

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This episode includes scenes of graphic violence.

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The president has repeatedly attacked them, along with Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Ayanna S. Pressley of Massachusetts, at one point demanding that they “go back” to their home countries, even though they are all American citizens.

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On Friday, the Russian meteorological agency reported in a statement that “it is supposed” that the spike in radiation on Aug. 8 in the city of Severodvinsk resulted from “the passage of a cloud of radioactive inert gasses.” The agency said it quickly dispersed.

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By contrast, “en rama” indicates that the Valdespino was only lightly filtered at most, as was typical of sherries until the middle of the 20th century. This hands-off approach preserves the wine’s natural defenses, allowing it to age and evolve.

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